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Hill, NH Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
Committee/Public Meeting
December 12, 2019 at 4 PM in the Selectmen’s Office

1. Review Problem Statements
2. Review/Update Critical Facilities Chapter
3. Review/Update Existing Mitigation Strategies Chapter
4. Update Status of Mitigation Projects (if time allows)
5. Review for next meeting: Identify New Mitigation Projects

Bunker Hill Bridge

Jim Hall of Dubois & King attended the November 19, 2019 Selectmen’s Meeting to provide an update on the project. The State of NH is still in the process of finalizing the project authorization. However, he feels this should be complete within the next two weeks. The tentative project schedule is as follows:

12/10/19 – Advertisement
12/20/19 – Pre-bid Meeting at the site
1/14/2020 – Bid Opening
1/21/2020 – Bid evaluation and recommendation
3/1/2020 – Notice of Award
3/14/2020 – Pre-construction meeting
3/21/2020 – Notice to Proceed
4/1/2020 – Begin construction
5/30/2020 – Substantial completion

Town of Hill Public Notice – Planning Board Meeting in the Carolyn Robie Meeting Room of the Hill Public Library on November 21, 2019 @ 7PM for an Application for Lot Line Adjustment & Merger. Please see the attached notice for additional information PBmeeting20191121


79-A:1 Declaration of Public Interest. – It is hereby declared to be in the public interest to encourage the preservation of open space, thus providing a healthful and attractive outdoor environment for work and recreation of the state’s citizens, maintaining the character of the state’s landscape, and conserving the land, water, forest, agricultural and wildlife resources. It is further declared to be in the public interest to prevent the loss of open space due to property taxation at values incompatible with open space usage. Open space land imposes few if any costs on local government and is therefore an economic benefit to its citizens. The means for encouraging preservation of open space authorized by this chapter is the assessment of land value for property taxation on the basis of current use. It is the intent of this chapter to encourage but not to require management practices on open space lands under current use assessment.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019, at 6:00 p.m.
North Country Resource Center,
629A Main Street, Lancaster NH
Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.
New London Town Hall 375 Main Street, 2nd Floor, New London
Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.
NH Department of Revenue Administration 109 Pleasant Street, Concord

1. Presentation on Current Use

2. Proposed 2020/2021 Forest Land Assessment Ranges
Forest Land Forest Land with Documented Stewardship
White Pine $122 – $183 White Pine $73 – $110
Hardwood $61 – $91 Hardwood $36 – $55
Other $39 – $59 Other $24 – $35

3. Proposed 2020/2021 Wetland and Unproductive Assessment Ranges
 Wetland $24
 Unproductive $24

4. Proposed 2020/2021 Farm Land Assessment Range
 $25-$425


November 21, 2019 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Location: Hill Town Selectmen Office

The Town of Hill, with the local Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee, is working to update Hill’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Plan identifies potential natural and man-made hazards throughout the town and various projects and/or strategies to mitigate their effects. The President signed into law, the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA). The Act requires all local governments to prepare and adopt jurisdiction-wide hazard mitigation plans as a condition of receiving Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) and Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) project grants.

All residents, neighboring communities, businesses, and interested parties are formally invited to participate in the plan update process.

For more information, please contact Chief Ford at: 603-630-5795 or 603-934-1094

Please select the following links for the 2019 Town/School Election Results:

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2019 School Election Results

Election Season is here!

2019 Town/School Election will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Voting will be held in the Hill Public Library 11AM – 7PM.
2019 Town Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 7PM in the Amsdem Auditorium.
To view the 2019 Town Warrant, MS-737, or Town Ballot, please select one of the following: Town Warrant, MS-737, Sample Ballot

2019 Annual School District Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 7PM in the Amsden Auditorium.

To view the 2019 School Warrant, MS-27, or School Ballot, please select one of the following: School Warrant, MS-27, Sample School Ballot

Please see the following Public Notice of Available Elected Positions:

2018 General Election Results for the Town of Hill
419 Ballots Cast (52% of our registered voters)


2018 NH State Primary Election Results for the Town of Hill

195 Ballots Cast (approx. 25% of our registered voters)
128 Republican
67 Democratic
0 Libertarian

Please see the attached spreadsheets for a breakdown of ballots cast
2018 Republican Primary Sheet 2018 Democratic Primary Sheet

September 29, 2017 – Bunker Hill Road bridge is closed until further notice due to critical deficiencies.

All dogs 4 months or older needed to be registered by April 30. If you have not done so already, please stop by the Town Clerk’s Office to register your dog as soon as possible!

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