Budget Committee

Budget Committee
30 Crescent Street, Suite 1, Hill, NH
Telephone: 603-934-1094
Fax: 603-934-2011
Budget Committee Meets: October – March


Public is welcome

Budget Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 7:00PM in the Jennie D. Blake School in either the Cafeteria or Auditorium depending upon the number ihn attendance to allow for physical distancing. Please see the following Public Notice: NOTICE OF BUDGET COMMITTEE MEETING20200923

Budget Committee’s Meeting Minutes

Budget Committee Members and Term

Vacant, 2021
Lee Herterich, 2021
George Wilson, 2021
Paul Meyerhoefer, Secretary 2023
Marshall Bennett, 2023
Betty Hanks, 2023
Gerard Desrochers,  2022
Paula McDonough,  2022
Joann Irving, 2022

Thomas Seymour, Selectman 2023
Carol Snow-Asher, School Board Member 2023