Welfare Department

Contact: Lisa Seymour
Address: 30 Crescent Street, Suite 1, Hill, NH
Telephone: 603-934-1094
Fax: 603-934-2011
Hours: Please call for an appointment

The Hill Welfare Office administers local welfare services in accordance to NH RSA 165 and to facilitate the process of residents’ self-sufficiency.  The office shall assist all individuals, (whether they can be directly assisted through Town of Hill’s General Assistance funds or not) to network to other existing programs, reemployment efforts, and referrals to other agencies in an effort to facilitate an individuals’ return to personal independence.

Eligibility for assistance is determined by having each individual complete an application in order to provide an overview of the specific situation the client is in.  Assistance is provided for individuals basic necessities in accordance with State law and Town Guidelines.  The applicants that are found eligible are assisted on expenses such as food, heat, electricity, rent, prescription drugs and other basic living and working needs.

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