Police Department

February 17, 2022

Hello, my name is Donald Sullivan. I have been contracted by the Town as a consultant to help stabilize and move forward with Police Coverage for the Town. I am not working as a Police Officer and am therefore unable to handle calls for service or respond to emergencies. My background is in municipal law enforcement, I retired just over a year ago after 12 years as the Chief of Police in Alexandria, I was also the Chief of Police here in Hill from 2004-2008. I have lived in Hill since 2005.

The first phase of my project is nearing completion, this includes managing any pending/outstanding situations, making arrangements for adequate Emergency Services coverage, organizing the office and protecting the Town from liability.

The next phase includes conducting a current assessment of the department and researching different options for moving forward. Once all of the options have been fully researched, I will provide a report to the Selectmen to use as a guide in moving forward. I do suspect at least one (and maybe more) public meetings to discuss these options.

I am putting this out to solicit ideas from the residents of Hill on options for Police coverage for the Town. Some of the ideas I have so far (in no particular order) are: 1. disbanding the Police Department, 2. continuing on a similar path that we have been using 3. hiring a full-time position or 4. contracting with another agency for coverage. At this time, I am only looking for additional potential models, debate on the effectiveness or best option will come at a later date.

The final phase of my contract will be assisting the Selectmen in implementing whichever path is chosen.

You can reach me by e-mail at hillpolicedept@gmail.com through the Facebook page for the Hill NH Police Department or calling 603-934-3949 and leaving a message with dispatch.

If you are in need of emergency service, please call 911. For all other police matters, please call 603-934-3949 and dispatch will direct you.

Thank you,

Donald E. Sullivan

Chief of Police

Public Office Hours:

Monday: 12PM – 4PM
Wednesday: 2PM – 6PM

Please note: There may be times an officer is unavailable during public hours as we may be responding to calls or on follow-up investigations.

Address: 30 Crescent Street, Suite 4, Hill, NH
Telephone: 603-934-6437
Fax: 603-934-0122
24 Hour Dispatch: 603-934-3949
Emergency Management Officer: Jamie Moulton



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